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a letter to stakeholders


Dear fellow South Los Angeles Stakeholders,


South LA is a proud community of engaged residents, diverse cultures and dynamic neighborhood-based organizations. In recent times, unfortunately, we in the 8th Council District, feel that our interests and issues have not been adequately voiced and represented in City Hall or with other government agencies that interact with our community.


Although it is the birthplace of the neighborhood councils and home to several dynamic community organizations and churches, the hard-working and concerned stakeholders of the City of Los Angeles’ 8th Council District are suffering. Despite our great potential and diverse skills, the current system has failed to adequately address issues like high unemployment, low business ownership, poor planning decisions, low performing schools and high rates of crime in an effective, efficient and humane manner.


The aforementioned developments and issues underscore the vital importance of the people of South Los Angeles to come together and wage an effective struggle that will result freedom, justice and equality for our families and our future. In order to win this struggle, activists must know who the primary decision-makers for our community are and what they are supposed to do.


The South Los Angeles People’s Convention will set out to educate residents on the functions and responsibilities of the different levels of government in a way that is engaging and effective. With scores of elections for local, state and national office taking place this year, we want to utilize our leverage as voters and potential voters to identify and support candidates who support our struggle and vision for our community.


To that end, we will also host a forum with candidates seeking public office in South Los Angeles. We want the People’s Convention to inform, inspire and involve people in a movement to fight for what we want and deserve. Whether we have hundreds, thousands or a handful of dedicated people with us on this journey, we are already successful because we have proven that there are voices that will never sell out or accept our current conditions as our permanent reality.



South LA Power Coalition